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Data breaches and other types of modern, large-scale cyberattacks have been making headlines for more than a decade, but recently, it seems like organizations in the life sciences and healthcare industry have been taking on more than their fair share. As it turns out, it doesn’t just seem that way – it’s actually happening according to Verizon’s 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, which states that 15% of these attacks hit healthcare organizations.

We proudly announce official lunch of & a dedicated website to perform measures signal strength and tests mobile internet speed these measurements. Measurement of the quality and speed of the internet does not require installation of additional applications, but can be done through a web browser. provides readings for ping, average download speed and average upload speed. Sites are available under MAXTEST.EU and

Under EU regulations, Internet Service Providers are obliged to specify in their contracts the minimal, usually available and maximum internet speeds for fixed networks, and the estimated maximum for mobile networks. These records help facilitate the verification that each vendor is fulfilling its obligations.

RFBenchmark application has so far been able to measure the quality and speed of mobile internet & WiFi. Now, we are implementing a tool to measure the internet speed on the fixed network. Software will become available in mid of April 2018 – first release on Windows Platform.

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