Notel participates in Mobile Word Congress 2022 Barcelona – visit our stand and meet with us F2F!

We are thrilled to announce Notel LTD participation at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Stay tuned for more news regarding event participation and  our extended product portfolio! In order to booking meeting please contact with our sales team – See you soon at MWC2022! STAND 7C8 HALL 7. #mwc22 #2022 #Barcelona #5gtechnology #5gnetworks #5G

Hot News! New version of RFBENCHMARK Public APP officially released!

RFBENCHMARK Lite is completely new application using REACT Technology. Benefit from key features of well known RFBENCHMARK app in simplified GUI focusing on most important features and new data display mode. RFBENCHMARK Lite, the free speed test and internet providers ranking app, provides you with the answers to all of your questions about internet quality […]

5G Technology Benchmarking Report 2020 Poland – status of 5G deployment.

5G is the fifth generation of cellular networks that aims at bringing entirely new capabilities for people, industry and societyWhat is status of current deployment of 5G in Poland? Let's check!!5G technology has enormous potential and is a huge step to a completely new level, the step that many operators has already made even though [...]

N-Optimiser 2.1 + N-Cell Health GO LIVE

– Data warehouse architecture evolution towards more scalable, open-stack database – AI algorithms for network issues detection – ML based netowrk condition monitiring and anomalies detection on the fly

New Release of RFBENCHMARK IoS App

N-Analytics 2.0 Officially Released

New reports added: Crowdsource and Drivtest data correlation and unified reporting Full automation of post-processing for TEMS Data Source Real Time Monitoring – Cell Health Module Update

N-Optimizer 2.0 GO LIVE

Completely Rebuild GUI New Automatic Problem Detection Use Cases added Added support of additional data sources : drive test and crowdsource Optimized platform performance and data binning algorithms

Integration of the Notel services into N – Cloud

Smart+ consolidation of the products into one flexible platform of: RFBENCHMARK crowdsourcing module Drive Test data collection module N-Analytics platform for big data processing


Notel Poland launched a new project based on Big Data and Blockchain technology Big Data and Blockchain technology RFB Network: The Network consists of Notel’s current AWS cloud nodes and third-party servers whose operators are incentivized for their efforts/resources. RFB Blockchain: Application Specific Blockchain, together with RFB Token, wallet, blockchain explorer, integration with Partner’s Blockchain. [...]

N-HUB platform 2.0 – N-HUB Optimizer and N-HUB Controller officially released!

We are proud to announce release of the major extension of N-HUB platform 2.0, which consists of two modules: Controller and Optimizer. Its main task is to detect mobile network issues and provide data to improve the quality of mobile services.