What Ellipse is? Ellipse is engineering software for the dimensioning, planning and optimization of microwave link and w


What Geodata is? To design the 5G wireless network of the future, your RF engineers need geodata created specifically fo
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TEMS Director

What TEMS Director is? TEMS Director is a web-based service that allows you to remotely control and manage a fleet of TE

TEMS Paragon

What TEMS Paragon is? Become the model of network performance. TEMS Paragon is our premiere drive test system, optimized


What the Planet is? You want to give your users brilliant experiences on wireless that keep them on your mobile network.
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TEMS Discovery

What TEMS Discovery is? TEMS Discovery is the wireless industry’s most comprehensive network analytics and optimization

TEMS Pocket

What TEMS Pocket is? TEMS Pocket is a premium portable mobile application network testing solution with support for 5G s

TEMS Investigation

What TEMS Investigation is? TEMS Investigation, our market-leading end-to-end network testing solution, allows you to te