TEMS Investigation 22.x 5G Rental – 1 month


TEMS Investigation, our market-leading end-to-end network testing solution, allows you to test every new function and feature in your network. This allows you to better understand Customer Experience and to verify, optimize and troubleshoot your mobile network. Through our close cooperation with equipment vendors, chipset manufactures and device vendors we are able to use all major new devices. This allows us to quickly provide in-depth subscriber (QoE) and the network (QoS) insights to enable you to make better network investment choices.

Whether you are rolling out a new network technology such as LTE or 5G, implementing a new network service like NB-IoT or VoLTE, or optimizing an existing mobile infrastructure, TEMS Investigation gets the job done right the first time. When integrated with TEMS Director, TEMS Investigation becomes a key component of your mobile network testing software.


TEMS Investigation

Software configuration :

  • Technologies GSM/WCDMA/LTE/5G
  • Support of Samsung and Qualcomm Based Chipsets
  • Software version 22.x


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