RFBENCHMARK and CX Touchpoints Group Join Forces to Revolutionize Africa’s Mobile Internet

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Introducing the RFBENCHMARK Crowdsource Tool: Empowering Users to Measure Mobile Internet Quality Across Africa

Partnership RFBenchmark Africa

Transformative Partnership for Mobile Internet in Africa

We’re excited to launch a partnership that combines Mobile Internet, Africa, Innovation, Customer Experience, RFBENCHMARK, and CX Touchpoints Group. Our combined efforts aim to redefine mobile connectivity in Africa through the RFBENCHMARK Crowdsource Tool.

Why the Crowdsource Tool is Innovative

This innovative tool allows you, the consumer, to independently assess mobile Internet quality in Africa. It’s a Customer Experience game-changer, giving you more control over your choices.

Key Benefits to Enhance Mobile Internet in Africa

  • Informed Choices: Make data-driven decisions regarding your mobile subscriptions.
  • Challenging the Norm: With this innovative tool, you can ensure network speeds are real and verifiable.
  • Combined Expertise: We leverage RFBENCHMARK’s Mobile Internet analytics and CX Touchpoints’ Customer Experience insights to create a comprehensive solution.

What Industry Leaders Say

Szymon Nowak, CEO of RFBENCHMARK, believes, “This partnership significantly expands our impact in Africa’s Mobile Internet landscape.” Kpunsa F. Mbinkar of CX Touchpoints Group agrees, stating, “We’re enhancing Customer Experience and Mobile Internet in Africa.”

Dive Deeper

Join us in transforming Africa’s Mobile Internet. Learn more at our websites, rfbenchmark.eu and cx-touchpoints.com.