Notel Services Portfolio

Notel Services

More then 50 000 project hours!

Notel services portfolio comprise of following main group and activities:

Network Planning Services
Nominal Planning Capacity, Model Tuning Services, ACP, Site Location Verifications

Network Optimization Services
Benchmarking services, Initial Tuning, Cluster and Cell Level Optimization

Advice Services
Technology Assessment, Vendor Assessment, Network Sharing, Terminals Verification, E2E Network Audits Services

Rental Services
Network Testing  Equipment Rental, Servers Hosting

Integration Services
Nominal Planning Capacity, Model Tuning Services, ACP, Site Location Verifications

Customized and practical trainings focusing on radio optimization, troubleshooting and planning

Analitics and Reporting
Process automation, Web-Based Reporting, Data erichment and smart filetering

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Notel Services

Geolocation (Geomarketing) SaaS for Non-Operators

Key Benefits Notel offer geomarketing platform for different customers including reals estate agencies, FMSG companies a

Geolocation as a Service

Key Benefits As a development of the Notel optimization platform, we offer using our call trace geolocation service.    

Indoor Radio Planning

Key Benefits Preparing very precise plans for each technology and system inside buildings, including Active DAS, Passive

Model Tuning

Key Benefits    Model tuning for all bands, standards, and prediction tools we can prepare better prediction models usin

5G Planning

Key Benefits 5G Planning, including the following aspects: - preparation for auctions - strategies and connect with expe

Analitics and Reporting

Key Benefits

Access Network Planning

Key Benefits

Radio Network Planning

Key Benefits

Network Testing Equipment Rental

Key Benefits

Training Programme

Key Benefits TRAINING PROGRAMME Your Learning Starts Here! {{ vc_btn:title=Want+to+learn+more%3F+Contact+our+Sales+team%

SLA Monitoring

Key Benefits

Network Optimization

Key Benefits

Drive Test

Key Benefits