Notel Products Portfolio

Notel Products portfolio bridging communication GAP !

Notel products portfolio comprise of software for

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Network Measurements Process Automation
  • Automatic Reporting and Troubleshooting
  • Radio and E2E Network Optimization
  • Quality of Service in telecommunication networks assessment and reporting

Our unique approach to data visualisation, aggregation  and process automation allows our customer to decrease cost of network operations and increase end customer Quality of Service.

Our main goal is to  provide tool set and monitoring  platform allowing  our customers to react earlier than actual network performance issue. This allows to react faster with „0” impact on Quality of Service Degradation.

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Notel products Portal

Independent public QoS portal – Available for free for Users – EU & PL regulator methodology –

N-Anti Spy

Detect fake BTS, abnormal radio conditions, IMSI Catcher and more. Don’t hesitate and find out more from our re

N-Cell Health

Life network performance monitoring platfrom based on end customer QoS data. Don’t hesitate and find out more from ou


Web based latfrom allowing full control of RFBENCHMARK Probes and SDK. Don’t hesitate and find out more from our repr


N-Analytics is part of  N-Cloud Platform Reporting and Analytical tool that allows to present results, trends and sta


N-Optimizer Toolset allows for automatic detection of mobile network issues. It uses solutions based on Machine Learn