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Network Testing and Radio Enginnering

The benefits of 5G are clear in terms of network performance, with improved throughput, spectral efficiency, latency and reliability compared to previous generation telecommunication systems. This enables new services and applications and therefore potential revenue streams.

To realize the benefits of 5G, you need to quickly and efficiently rollout your network. Each step of the way is critical, starting with strategic planning right up to network operations. With a higher cell density, a larger number of spectrum options and far more sophisticated antenna systems, 5G offers more options than ever before. To leverage this flexibility, you need to ensure your network planning and testing efforts are reliable and automated with the best 5G network solutions.

Infovista offers you a complete solution set for your 5G network rollout, starting with our first-to-market 5G network solutions for planning (Planet 7) and our 5G mapping data, enabling high accuracy even in the millimeter wave.

The TEMS™ Network Testing Portfolio allows you to optimize the quality of your mobile network by concentrating on user experience. TEMS gives you the ability to walk test, drive test, and dynamically analyze your mobile network optimization under the real-life conditions your users experience—indoors, outdoors, and around the clock.

Don’t assume your mobile network is delivering a quality user experience, know it with the TEMS™ Network Testing Portfolio.

For industries leveraging connected mobile applications for automation, remote control and Industrial IoT, TEMS delivers the ability to measure and track connectivity and provides visibility into factors that affect application performance.

TEMS Solutions for:

  • Mobile Network Operators, Equipment Vendors, Contractors
  • Connected Car, Automotive, Fleets, Transportation
  • Autonomous and Remote Control Operations, Private 4G/5G, Industry 4.0, Ports, Mines

Infovista Products Porfolio