It’s all about the best network performance

Everything we do is about improving overall telecom network performance. With the arrival of new technologies, the core challenge is to get the most from networks in order to satisfy rising customer expectations


NOTEL LTD was founded by group of enthusiasts from telecommunication & software development field of expertise. After 7 years on market we are proud that our products and services are available worldwide,  used by Service Providers,  System Integrators and Enterprise customers.



RFBENCHMARK Notel zarejestrowany znak towarowy , darmowy test prędkości i metodologia rankingowa dostawców Internetu, dostarcza odpowiedzi na wszystkie pytania, a nawet dostarcza więcej informacji o jakości sygnału w Twojej okolicy, testach wydajności, teście strumieniowania wideo i dużo więcej


The ongoing digital revolution has made telecommunications one of the most important branches of technological development. Free data exchange for enterprises is now what steam was in the era of the first industrial revolution. Nowadays it is the most valuable resource that is a catalyst for growth and innovation.

Maintaining the company’s effectiveness at an appropriate level requires strict control of the telecommunications network’s performance. Even minor omissions can result in serious operational problems for the entire organization.

Facing these needs, Notel offers a wide range of products and services that enable effective analysis, optimization and management of telecommunications network performance.

We cooperate with Mobile Network Service Provider, Infrastructure Vendors and Enterprises, supporting their needs in deep dive into analytics, network health check  and process automation

Propagation Model Tuning
Automatic Problem Detection
Radio Network Security Breach Detection
Radio Network Anomalies Detection
Network Capacity Forcasting
Network Capacity Monitoring
Real Time Performance Monitoring
Network Troubleshooting
Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring
Network Performance Monitoring
N-Anti Spy
N-Cell Health
TEMS Director
TEMS Paragon
TEMS Discovery
TEMS Pocket
TEMS Investigation


We believe in a strategic cooperation, the aim of which is to provide the highest quality solutions and services.

This is why we have decided to cooperate with our partners who are the key specialists and pioneers in the field of applying emerging technologies.

As a result, our partner network has become a real cluster of experts in Network performance analytics, E2E QoS Audit and E2E (End to End) Testing


Solution Partners

Notel Solution Partner Ecosystem is a network of systems integrators, vendors and business consultants. Our purpose is to help companies in end-to-end integrations and joint deployment of trustworthy ICT solutions

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Tech Partners

The industry has recognized us for our consistent endeavours to provide end-to-end customized solutions. Technology Partners provide with “fuel” for further development of our software and services in order to keep a pace in rapidly changing business environment and to achieve flexibility in meeting customer expectations and requirements.

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and products to improve the efficiency of the company’s telecommunications network.

Each client is an individual challenge for us that we offer tailored solutions to. We are grateful for your trust!

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