EU Projects

Projekt Unijny 2023 Mazowia


Innovative, advanced system for data acquisition, management and visualisation of digital content for the analysis of service quality in telecommunications networks.

We would like to inform that the company Notel Poland Sp. z o.o. is implementing the project entitled ‘Innovative, advanced system of data acquisition, management and visualisation of digital content, for the purposes of service quality analysis in telecommunications networks’. The project is financed under Priority I ‘Use of research and development activities in the economy’, Measure 1.2 ‘Research and development activities of enterprises’, Project type: “Research and development projects” for beneficiaries with experience in conducting R&D work.”


The assumption of the project is to carry out R&D work in the area of an effective mechanism and system for data acquisition, processing and visualisation for the analysis of the quality of services in telecommunications networks. The R&D work of the Notel’s team of specialists is expected to bring tangible benefits in the form of an effective data processing and visualisation process using the Web Portal. In addition, an algorithm for geo-localisation of events on the basis of acquired telecommunications network data will be developed.

Total project value: 881 226.41 PLN
Grant value: PLN 562 796.57