Mobile Network Optimization


TEMS Paragon

Become the model of network performance. TEMS Paragon is our premiere drive test system, optimized for mobile network

TEMS Discovery

To ensure your network KPIs are exceeded and your subscriber experience gives you a competitive edge, you need to qui

TEMS Pocket

TEMS Pocket is a premium portable mobile application network testing solution with support for 5G scanners and a numb

TEMS Investigation

TEMS Investigation, our market-leading end-to-end network testing solution, allows you to test every new function and


Web-based platform allowing full control of RFBENCHMARK Probes and SDK. Don’t hesitate and find out more from our rep


N-Analytics is part of  N-Cloud Platform Reporting and Analytical tool that allows to present results, trends and sta


N-Optimizer Toolset allows for automatic detection of mobile network issues. It uses solutions based on Machine Learn