TEMS Pocket


What TEMS Pocket is?

TEMS Pocket is a premium portable mobile application network testing solution with support for 5G scanners and a number of 5G devices.

TEMS Pocket allows you to verify, optimize and troubleshoot your mobile network in environments requiring portability, such as malls, stadiums, offices, and other large venues. Its advanced testing capabilities, including the ability to support multiple devices and a scanner, provides the subscriber (QoE) and the network (QoS) actionable insights to improve your subscribers’ mobile experience.

With over 80% of all mobile data traffic occuring indoors, TEMS Pocket lets you plan and optimize your indoor and small cells investments with great efficiency. When integrated with TEMS Director, TEMS Pocket becomes a key component of your mobile network testing platform.

Key Benefits

Gain insight into 5G performance

Once the 5G network is deployed, you need to test it. TEMS Pocket’s formfactor gives you a lightweight solution, supporting 5G NR testing with UE as well as scanners, making it optimal for indoor and walk testing.

Accelerate new indoor roll-outs

When you roll out an indoor network infrastructure, you need to assess your existing coverage and verify system performance. TEMS Pocket lets you streamline the indoor tests and design acceptance processes, allowing you to accelerate your strategy..

Benchmark your indoor network performance

With TEMS Pocket, you can benchmark your mobile QoE and QoS indoors against your competitors, which lets you prioritize your investments and achieve optimal value from your indoor deployments. Your competitive edge is assured.

Improve your indoor and campus coverage

Your subscribers want an exceptional indoor mobile network experience, especially when you consider that over 80% of their data usage occurs indoors. With TEMS Pocket, you can efficiently test your network indoors, in venues and campuses, to gain the insights you need to improve your network coverage.

Integrate into a complete test platform

Mobile networks might be complex, but your mobile application network testing can be simple. With a complete test platform centered around TEMS Director, our global test management platform, you can implement a comprehensive test strategy that covers all your testing requirements.

Use Cases & Features

Real Time Performance Monitoring

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Network Troubleshooting

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Quality of Service (QoS) Monitoring

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Mobile Benchmarking

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Portable Testing

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Radio Network Troubleshooting

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Network Testing

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End to End Testing

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Mobile Network Optimization

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Service Level Agreement (SLA) Monitoring

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