Notel HW Case 2.0


Notel Hardware Case 2.0 introduction


The Measurement System solution for Drive Test is based on Notel designed Hardware Case.

The solution works with all major network testing equipment vendors to provide mobile operators and service companies the means of conducting comprehensive network test campaigns in less time, with just one person (the driver) in the vehicle.


Notel Hardware Case 2.0 is the solution for safe and comfortable transport of expensive and sensitive measurement equipment. Dedicated for car installations to handle all measuring hardware necessary to perform efficient Drive Test campaign.

Hardware Case details

  • Possibility of handling up to 8x or 12x measuring terminals in one case
  • Possibility of handling several Mini PCs
  • Special partitions that allow to hide necessary connectors between equipment inside the case
  • Power supply bar for 5x devices with possibility to enhance
  • Possibility to mount other measuring devices like scanning units (i.e. PCTEL IBflex/MXflex)
  • Power supply socket (230V AC) mounted on the external side of the case
  • Easy and comfortable way of transport due to mounted wheels and sliding handle
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Powerful active cooling system ensuring optimal temperature of measuring terminals
  • Separate cooling solution for scanners
  • Can be connected with Notel DPS Case in order to ensure uninterrupted measurements in hard power conditions

Dimensions outer: L56 x W43 x H26, weight 5,6kg

Example configurations:

  • 2x MINI PC + 8 Mobile Phones
  • 2x MINI PC + 8 Mobile Phones + PCTEL IB Flex with separate cooling
  • 3x MINI PC + 12 phones + PCTEL MX Flex with separate cooling
  • Many more configs thanks to modular design

Notel HW architecture

Notel HW Case is part of the Notel Architecture that includes analytical solutions and measurement tools providing flexibility and reliability

Calculation of power consumption

List of hardware with power consumption details

Hardware Quantity Amps Voltage Watts Power source
MINI PC 2 10 18 360 Power inverter
Smart Hub 2 3.75 12 90 Power inverter
Mobile WIFI router 1 1.5 12 18 Power inverter
Laptop (optional) 1 3.25 20 65 Power inverter
Additional power supply (scanner) 1 10 12 120 Direct 12V
Sum 653

Car alternator power – 12V * 140A = 1680 W

Power balance – 1680 – 653 = 1027 W