Notel DPS Case


Notel DPS Case introduction

The Dedicated Power System solution for Drive Test is based on battery pack, power inverter, and battery charger.

Even brief power outages can result in data loss or potential hardware damage. This system provides battery backup power to keep your devices running during power outages or short outages or short tests outside the car, providing also enough uptime to restore the main power source. This avoids the time waste for the measurement environment restart.

Notel Power Supply Case (DPS) is a solution for the safe and convenient connection of expensive and sensitive measuring equipment. Dedicated to car installations to support all measurement equipment necessary to conduct an effective Drive Test campaign.

DPS Case details

  • Possibility of handling up to 2x Notel HW Cases (up to 16x measuring terminals)
  • Possibility of handling up to 2x Scanners via car lighter sockets
  • Prevents the consequences of expected and unexpected car shutdown
  • Prevents from voltage and current drops
  • 35Ah battery pack with runtime around 1 – 1,5H
  • Possibility to manually force on car power usage only
  • Power supply socket mounted on the external side of the case with ON/OFF switch
  • Easy and comfortable way of transport due to mounted wheels and sliding handle
  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Dimensions: outer: 46,3 x 33,8 x 21,5 cm, weight 13kg

Default configuration covers:

  • 1x battery pack 35Ah
  • 2x power sockets, 230V AC (max. 600W)
  • 2x car lighter sockets 12V DC (max. 180W)
  • 1x package of spare fuses
  • 1x 12V DC power supply cable

Dedicated Power Supply architecture

The block diagram of Notel Power Supply Case architecture with Notel hardware platform

Calculations of power consumption 

List of hardware with power consumption details.

Hardware Quantity Amps Voltage Watts Power source
ASUS/NUC mini computer 1 9,23 19 185 Eletrcical contact
TEMS USB SMART HUB (6x port) 1 3,75 12 45 Eletrcical contact
Laptop (Optional) 1 3,25 20 65 Eletrcical contact
Additional power supply (scanners etc) 1 2 12 24 Lighter socket
SUM 319

Battery pack power sustain – 12V * 35Ah = 420Wh

1xHW case time sustain – 420Wh/319W = 1h 20min