Indoor Radio Planning


Key Benefits

Preparing very precise plans for each technology and system inside buildings, including Active DAS, Passive DAS, radio Dot and all required technologies from TETRA up to 5G/IoT

     Each project includes PDF planning reports, equipment specs, and link budget calculations. It’s very important to have this kind of documentation for bidding for an indoor project as well as for purchasing a new indoor system for a venue owner.

     We can also help to develop indoor requirements and provide with state of the art dimensioning rules and KPS’s for an operator or partnership company to guideline the partners on how any indoor system should work.

     Special offer – 5G system upgrade – for any venue with a current indoor system we can prepare a new plan to support the desired 5G equipment – active and passive. It allows an operator to have a full and clear picture of how the system will perform and more important – how much it will cost them to upgrade the current system to support 5G.