Geolocation (Geomarketing) SaaS for Non-Operators


Key Benefits

Notel offer geomarketing platform for different customers including reals estate agencies, FMSG companies and HORECA industry.

     There’re many reasons why it’s so important to analyze geolocation.
Firstly, due to COVID situation, there’re drastic changes in the reals estate market – roughly speaking – people prefer work remotely, visiting more places around their homes, rather than going to a city center – it means that the company needs to find better places for new stores, restaurants, and other physical places.

Our platform aid to help with it!

We can show you the exact place and provide very precise information for live traffic got these places, including demographic analysis and timing.

This means that you can simply compare two potential places to understand better where the best location for a new spot. It an also a useful set of data for governmental bodies as helps to build city infrastructure in a much more proven and efficient way.

The system doesn’t use any personal data and fully in line with GDPR.