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Notel Poland launched a new
project based on Big Data
and Blockchain technology

Big Data and Blockchain technology

  1. RFB Network: The Network consists of Notel’s current AWS cloud nodes and third-party servers whose operators are incentivized for their efforts/resources.
  2. RFB Blockchain: Application Specific Blockchain, together with RFB Token, wallet, blockchain explorer, integration with Partner’s Blockchain. RFB Token will be used to incentivize RFB Network Participants (Testers, RFB Network Operators, Blockchain Partners), and as currency on Smart Data Marketplace.
  3. RFB Gateway: Blockchain Application (DApp) with REST API that will support Testing (serve as RFB Network Register), process and fulfill orders from Smart Data Marketplace, as well as reward the RFB Network Participants.
  4. Smart RFBenchmark: Updated Mobile RFBenchmark Application to support the REST API of RFB Gateway and RFB Token Wallet.
  5. Smart Data Marketplace: Integration with Partner’s web service that allows to buy and sell data from Tests, but also to order data of particular type (per location, operator, mobile hardware manufacturer, end-user personal characteristics).
  6. Decentralized Storage: Integration with Partner’s Storage Solution (preferred IPFS) to store data based on the customer’s request (encrypted with his public key).
  7. RFB GIS: Smart solution to display GIS Data from multiple sources (Notel’s in-house).
  8. Decentralized AI Nodes: Integration with Partner’s Cluster of AI Nodes that utilizes end-user computing power to perform data analysis.

WARSAW — 25/03/2019 — Notel Poland, a leading European mobile application provider that allows measurements of radio coverage provided by the RFBENCHMARK platform, would like to announce today the launch of a brand new project whose purpose is to create a solution based on Big Data and Blockchain to reduce workload and infrastructure costs. Moreover, the implementation of new technology will allow to expand user and customer database and create convenient and easy-to-use applications for them. The project will be realized in cooperation with an external partner with expert knowledge in the field of Blockchain. The completion of works is scheduled for Q1 2021.

The project will be executed by Notel engineers together with their Blockchain Partner. Delivery will be split into milestones, Partner participation in each milestone will be rewarded in percentage of total RFB Token supply and/or access to RFB data.

It is a great honor for us to announce the launch of this exciting project, which will bring tremendous value to the development of the services market around the world. We believe that our joint activities will start a new chapter in the field of cost optimization and increasing the efficiency of the network infrastructure of enterprises. — commented Szymon Nowak, Notel Poland CEO